Tips For Planning Ghost Tour For Kids In Brisbane

Brisbane is a city of many secrets and mysteries, some known only to the brave souls who dare explore its streets after dark. For those seeking an adventure for their children, planning a ghost tour can be both exciting and rewarding. With careful thought and consideration, it is possible to create a memorable experience that will stay with your kids forever. This article aims to provide useful tips on how to plan the perfect ghost tour for children in Brisbane.

The first step when organising any kind of outing or excursion is deciding what type of tour you wish to undertake. Ghosts are commonly associated with haunted houses and graveyards, however there are countless other possibilities available; from historical landmarks to spooky cemeteries. Knowing where potential locations may lie is key in creating your own customised itinerary. Once chosen, research can then begin into these sites in order to build up an appropriate level of atmosphere and suspense – essential components in making the night as successful as possible!

Finally, no ghost tour would be complete without the right people involved – experienced storytellers who know how to weave stories into tales of terror and send chills down even the bravest spine! When looking at hiring someone for this role, make sure they have a proven track record in delivering such tours – references should certainly be sought beforehand so that expectations can be set accordingly. By following these guidelines carefully you should soon find yourself ready to embark upon a truly unforgettable journey through Brisbane’s darkest corners!

Choose A Suitable Location

When planning a ghost tour for kids in Brisbane, it is important to choose the right locations. As Brisbane has many spooky and haunted sites, selecting just the right places will ensure that your young guests have an enjoyable experience. From eerie graveyards to mysterious underground tunnels, there are plenty of creepy sites throughout Brisbane offering thrilling experiences.

For example, one popular destination on most ghost tours is the New Farm Park Cemetery – a 19th century graveyard which continues to be shrouded in mystery and folklore. The cemetery also provides visitors with a unique insight into life during colonial times. Other destinations such as Ipswich’s Old Gaol – once used as a prison up until 1883 – can offer equally memorable experiences. With its dark history still looming over this ancient site, visitors may find themselves shivering at some of its more macabre tales.

When choosing the perfect Ghost Tour Locations for kids in Brisbane, it is important to consider age appropriateness and safety considerations when making your selection. Ensure that you take all necessary precautions when visiting potentially dangerous locations like old mines or abandoned buildings. By taking these measures you can guarantee a safe yet thrilling adventure for everyone involved.

Research The History And Stories Of The Location

When planning a ghost tour for kids in Brisbane, the first step is to do extensive research on the history and stories of the location. Aspiring tour guides should uncover local legends about haunted places that have been passed down through generations. Additionally, researching historical data can provide invaluable background information on where these stories originate from. A thorough understanding of brisbane’s rich cultural heritage will also provide context and insight into why certain locations are believed to be haunted.

Apart from learning more about the history behind these stories, it is equally important to gather evidence of any supernatural occurrences by interviewing locals who may have had inexplicable experiences within those areas. Collecting testimonials or eyewitness accounts provides further credibility to these tales and thus adds an extra layer of excitement during the guided tour. By delving deeper into brisbane’s storybook-like past, one can not only create an entertaining experience but also foster appreciation among children for their city’s unique culture and folklore.

Plan The Route

Having researched the history and stories of the location, it is time to begin planning a ghost tour route that will be both intriguing and entertaining for kids. This involves selecting stops along the way and crafting engaging narratives in order to create an unforgettable experience. When creating a ghost tour route, consider including some of the most interesting landmarks or points of interest within the area. Also make sure to keep track of any key facts from your research so you can incorporate them into each narrative on the tour.

In addition to this, when designing a route for a ghost tour for kids it is important to have fun activities planned out such as scavenger hunts or trivia quizzes at certain points during the journey. These activities will help to keep their spirits high throughout the whole adventure while also providing breaks between segments of storytelling. It is also essential to plan out how long each activity should last before moving onto another stop on the route in order ensure that all aspects are properly covered without rushing through anything. Taking these steps will help create an enjoyable yet thrilling ghost tour experience that engages children throughout its entirety.

Create An Engaging Narrative

When planning a ghost tour for kids in Brisbane, it is important to create an engaging narrative that will keep their attention and interest. A good storyteller can use creative descriptions of the haunted places they are visiting to draw the children into the world of ghosts and spirits. The narrator should strive to make this experience as real as possible by describing the sights, sounds, smells and other sensory details of each location. It is also helpful to provide background information about the history of each place so that the children have a more complete understanding of why a particular spot may be considered haunted. Additionally, incorporating spooky music or sound effects can help bring the narrative to life even further.

The key element when creating an engaging narrative for a ghost tour for kids in Brisbane is connecting with them emotionally. By relating events from personal experiences or using vivid imagery throughout your storytelling, you can effectively capture their imaginations while entertaining them at the same time. With careful thought put into crafting such a narrative, these stories will remain with young participants long after they leave your tour.

Choose Appropriate Tour Guides

When creating a ghost tour for kids in Brisbane, selecting the right tour guides is key. A quality tour guide should have an engaging storytelling ability and knowledge of local history and folklore. To ensure young attendees feel safe, look for guides with experience working with children or youth. It’s important that individual tour guides share similar values and standards to those set by the organization running the tours.

Before hiring any potential candidates, it’s essential to review their credentials such as qualifications, background check results, references and interview notes. Tour guides must also understand their responsibilities which can include providing detailed information about the area’s haunted sites, answering questions from participants accurately, reassuring visitors who may become scared during certain points of the journey and making sure everyone on the tour remains safe at all times.

It’s also wise to provide training and guidelines so your selected tour guides are familiar with safety protocols and know how to handle emergency situations if they arise while on duty. Additionally, don’t forget to provide feedback after each tour – this will allow you to continuously monitor performance levels and make improvements where needed.

Provide Appropriate Equipment

Organizing a ghost tour for kids in Brisbane is an exciting endeavor. It requires special attention to equipment and supplies that will encourage the participants’ engagement with their environment. Flashlights, costumes, props and storytelling tools are necessary elements for a successful experience. To create suspenseful moments, flashlights should be equipped with red lenses or filters. Costumes can range from simple white sheets to elaborate masks and accessories. Props such as toy skeletons, stuffed animals and old-fashioned lanterns add authenticity to the storyteller’s narrative. Additionally, it is important to have safety gear on hand such as first aid kits and emergency contact numbers. All of these items must be age appropriate so they do not pose any danger to the children participating in the tour. With proper planning and adequate resources at hand, your ghost tour will provide hours of entertainment for all involved!

Ensure Safety

When planning a ghost tour for kids in Brisbane, it is essential to ensure the safety of the children at all times. As such, there must be child safety guidelines and risk management protocols in place prior to any activity or event taking place. Safety precautions should also be taken into consideration during the planning process so that risks can be minimized as much as possible. This may include conducting a thorough risk assessment of the venue; providing adequate supervision by trained personnel; issuing appropriate instructions and guidance before each activity; having an emergency response plan in place; creating designated areas for gathering and assembling; ensuring sufficient lighting on site. Furthermore, implementing measures like wearing protective equipment whenever necessary are key components when trying to keep kids safe while they take part in a ghost tour. It is important to note that all these steps need to be taken if one wishes to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. By following this advice, you will have peace of mind knowing your participants are being looked after with care and diligence.

Have Fun!

When planning a ghost tour for kids in Brisbane, it is important to incorporate elements that will make the experience fun and engaging. Utilizing kid-friendly stories with interactive activities can be an effective way to create an enjoyable atmosphere. Additionally, costumes and snacks are great ways to increase excitement during the tour.

Costumes provide an excellent opportunity for children to express their creativity while also getting into character of the story being told on the tour. As such, providing various props or items like hats and masks could encourage participation from kids and help them embrace the spooky adventure ahead! Furthermore, offering some delicious treats along the way may peak their interest even more as they get lost in lore around each stop of the journey.


Ghost tours can be an exciting and engaging experience for children. With careful planning, your tour can be a memorable event that will leave everyone filled with excitement and anticipation of what ghosts may lurk around the next corner!

When considering locations for your ghost tour, look for sites full of history and stories. Researching local legends or past events at the location is essential to create an interesting narrative. When selecting guides, choose those who are comfortable in front of a group and have knowledge about the area’s history. To ensure safety on your tour, provide appropriate equipment such as flashlights and maintain necessary distance between groups.

As you plan your ghost tour for kids in Brisbane, remember that creating an enjoyable atmosphere is key! Use storytelling techniques to engage participants while providing enough suspense to keep them interested throughout the entire tour. Have fun with it – after all, this is supposed to be a spooky yet safe adventure!

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