The 7 Most Haunted Places In Brisbane

For centuries, tales of paranormal activity have been told throughout Brisbane. From abandoned buildings to historic cemeteries, the city is home to a wide range of haunted places that attract visitors from all around the world. With an abundance of haunted locations in Brisbane, it can be difficult to determine which are the most spooky and spine-tingling. In this article, we investigate seven of the most hauntingly mysterious spots located across Brisbane.

Toowong Cemetery

Toowong Cemetery is a historical graveyard located in Brisbane, Australia. It was established in 1875 and has been the site of numerous paranormal sightings ever since. Many believe that this cemetery is one of the most haunted places in Brisbane due to its long history of supernatural occurrences and reports from visitors who have experienced eerie events while visiting the grounds. Reports include shadows moving across walls, disembodied voices heard throughout the property, and strange mists forming over gravesites.

Those who are brave enough to visit Toowong Cemetery can expect to experience an atmosphere full of mysterious energy as they explore the graveyard’s winding pathways and ancient tombstones. While some may encounter ghostly spectres, others may be fortunate enough to witness more benign phenomena such as orbs or lights flickering at night. No matter what happens during your visit, it is certain that you will leave with an unforgettable story about one of Brisbane’s spookiest locations.

Boggo Road Gaol

Boggo Road Gaol is one of Brisbane’s most haunted places, and it has a long history of ghost stories. This former prison was built in 1883, and for the next 100 years it housed some of Australia’s worst criminals. The jail closed its doors forever in 2002 and now stands empty, although there have been reports of paranormal activity ever since.

The gaol has gained notoriety due to numerous accounts from visitors who claim to have encountered unexplained phenomena while exploring the old buildings. There are many eerie tales about ghosts roaming through the cells, as well as sightings of hooded figures lurking around the grounds at night. Some say that these spirits are those of past inmates still searching for freedom or justice they may never receive. People also report hearing strange noises coming from within the walls – moans, screams and whispers that can be heard echoing down dark hallways lit only by moonlight.

This creepy atmosphere has made Boggo Road Gaol an iconic destination for fans of horror films and ghost hunters alike – all drawn here by rumors and speculation surrounding this haunted prison full of paranormal activity. Whether you believe in such things or not, one thing remains certain: something sinister lurks within these walls…

Newstead House

Newstead House is one of the most well-known haunted places in Brisbane. It has been said to be home to a number of eerie experiences and ghostly apparitions, making it one of the city’s top destinations for those interested in paranormal activity. Built in 1846, this grand colonial estate was once owned by Patrick Leslie who purchased the property from its original owner, James Warner. Since then, people have reported a wide range of strange happenings within these walls including doors creaking open and shut on their own accord as well as unusual noises coming from inside the house late at night.

Several stories abound regarding ghost sightings at Newstead House; some visitors claim to have seen an old woman dressed in white roaming around the grounds while others report feeling an icy chill emanating from certain parts of the house. Numerous accounts recount tales of furniture being moved without explanation or items disappearing only to reappear moments later elsewhere in the building. All such occurrences serve to add further credence to Brisbane’s reputation for hauntings and otherworldly encounters.

The Tower Mill

The Tower Mill, located in Brisbane Australia, is one of the most haunted places in the city. It was originally built as a flourmill in 1820 and it stands tall on the banks of the Brisbane River. The mill was later converted into an apartment complex with many reports of strange occurrences taking place within its walls. Residents have reported seeing apparitions, hearing unexplained noises and feeling a presence that cannot be explained by any rational explanation.

There are also numerous frightening stories about what happens at night inside this tower mill; some say that you can hear screams coming from behind its thick stone walls while others report being chased away by something unseen but felt. Many locals believe that there is an entity living within these ancient walls which has been haunting the building for centuries. A visit to this haunted tower may leave visitors feeling uneasy due to the oppressive atmosphere surrounding it. Even though it has been renovated over time, people still feel a chill when they enter and many avoid visiting after dark altogether.

From ghostly sightings to eerie sounds emanating from deep within its bowels, The Tower Mill continues to fascinate those who dare venture near it – even during daylight hours! Some claim that if you listen carefully enough you just might hear whispers echoing through its darkened corridors or voices calling out from beyond our realm of understanding. Whether true or not, it remains one of Brisbane’s most notorious locations for paranormal activity and will likely keep attracting curious minds for years to come.

The Shafston Hotel

The Shafston Hotel, located in Brisbane’s Kangaroo Point area, is one of the most haunted places in Australia. It has a long and spooky history that dates back to 1864 when it was originally designed as a private home for wealthy businessman Frederick Dornbusch. Reports of paranormal activity began shortly after its opening in 1893 and have continued ever since.

Stories of ghostly figures wandering through corridors and eerie noises emanating from empty rooms have been passed down over generations. Some visitors claim they’ve encountered an old man in the hotel’s main lobby while others tell stories about hearing unexplained footsteps on the upper floors late at night. For those brave enough to explore The Shafston Hotel, there are plenty of tales to be told about this Australian haunt which has earned itself a reputation as being one of Brisbane’s most haunted places.

The Victoria Park Golf Course

Victoria Park Golf Course, located in the northside of Brisbane city, is among one of the 7 most haunted places in this region. Several ghost stories have been circulating around this place since its establishment as a golf course back in 1895; it was formerly used as a military camp during World War I and II.

Many visitors to Victoria Park report feeling creepy vibes coming from the area; some even claim that they’ve seen glimpses of mysterious figures lurking about on the fairways at night. Others describe hearing strange noises like moans or cries for help emanating from deep within the trees. Furthermore, there have also been reports of people seeing orbs of light hovering near certain areas throughout the course late at night. This has led many to believe that these phenomena are signs that something supernatural is taking place here.

The sheer number of unexplained occurrences related to Victoria Park Golf Course make it one of the spookiest places in all of Brisbane City. Whether you choose to believe these tales or not, there’s no denying that this historic location still holds an air of mystery today – making it an exciting destination for those brave enough to explore its secrets first hand!

Cascade Gardens

Cascade Gardens is a popular park located in Brisbane, Australia. The gardens were originally part of the grounds of ‘Tighnabruaich’, which was owned by Thomas Griffin and his family from 1876 to 1927. It is said that during this time, there have been reports of paranormal activity occurring around Cascade Gardens. There are numerous stories about ghostly figures being seen wandering through the gardens late at night. Some people believe these entities may be remnants of spirits connected with the Griffin family; others speculate they may be lost souls from other times who still linger in the area due to its spiritual energy.

The most famous haunting reported here revolves around an old man wearing a long coat. He has been witnessed standing alone among the trees or walking along the pathways leading into the gardens after dark. Most accounts describe him as having a sad or melancholic expression on his face, although no one knows who he might be or why he appears here. Other strange phenomena include lights flickering unexpectedly and noises like whispering voices emanating from nearby bushes and shrubs.

It is unclear whether all these hauntings can actually be attributed to supernatural forces or if they are merely coincidental events without any real explanation behind them. However, it remains one of Brisbane’s spookiest spots and certainly deserves its place amongst some of the city’s most haunted places


Whether you’re an avid ghost hunter or simply interested in paranormal experiences in Brisbane, visiting any one of these seven places will surely bring unexpected thrills and chills as you explore their haunting histories. From unexplained voices echoing through hallways to whispers on windy nights – anyone exploring these spooky locations should expect a few surprises along the way!

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